The scientific programme of the 9th ICNMTA will consist of 30 minute invited talks, contributed oral presentations of 15 minutes and poster presentations distributed in two sessions. In attempt to increase the number of oral presentations, which will be important especially for younger scientists, organizers would like to ask speakers of contributed papers for efficient use of designated time (12 minutes and 3 minutes for discussion). We therefore suggest authors to prepare not more than 15 (or less) slides, avoiding long introductions and limiting presentation to the main scientific achievements of their work.

We present here the titles of the preliminary programme of oral presentations and poster sessions:






8:30 – 9:00 Opening and Welcome Ceremony


1. Facilities and beam optics


9:00 – 10:00

D. N. Jamieson: A novel application of nuclear microprobe technology: the development of a single atom doping system (invited)

J. Meijer: MeV micro beam as a commercial ion implanter? Results of a feasibility study

G. Garty: A Secondary-Electron Ion Microscope for Sub-Micron Microbeam Diagnostics


10:30 – 12:00

I. Rangelow: Concept of an ion implantation stage with atomic resolution (invited)

M. Merchant: Characterisation of the University of Surrey Ion Beam Centre in-air scanning microbeam

L. Calcagnile: An integrated optical and nuclear microprobe at the University of Lecce, Italy

J. Visser: Considerations on accelerator systems requirements and limitations for µ-probe applications


14:00 –15:30

V.M. Biryukov: Channeling technique to make nanoscale ion beams (invited)

A.D. Dymnikov: A novel zoom lens system at the LAC high energy nuclear nanoprobe-transmission microscope

S. Kubsky: Superconducting solenoids for new applications in science and industry

A. G. Ponomarev: Parametric multiplets of magnetic quadrupole lenses: Application prospects for probe-forming systems of nuclear microprobe

S. Incerti: A comparison of raytracing software for the design of quadrupole microbeam systems


2. Cell irradiation techniques


16:00 – 17:30

M. Folkard: New insights into the cellular response to radiation using microbeams (invited)

B. E. Fischer: First results from the biological single hit facility at GSI

J. Pallon: Evaluation of pre-cell ion detection in a single ion hit facility

G. Dollinger: Microirradiation of cells with energetic heavy ions

A.W. Bigelow: The Columbia University Microbeam II endstation for cell imaging and irradiation





3. Biomedical applications I


8:30 – 10:00

F. Watt: The biomedical programme of the Centre for Ion Beam Applications (CIBA)

C. Meinecke: Determination of trace elements in the human substantia nigra

M. Morawski: Antibody meets the microbeam –or how to find neurofibrillary tangles

R.B. Roijers: Accumulation of trace elements in atherosclerotic lesions in LDL Receptor Deficient Mice

W. Przybyłowicz: Nuclear microprobe studies of mycorrhizas from environment polluted by heavy metals


4. Applications in Material Science


10:30  – 12:00

M. Takai: Nanometer range applications of medium energy microprobes (invited)

T. Osipowicz: The characterisation of areal density, homogeneity and edge structure of thin Ge islands, measured by proton microprobe backscattering

Ü. Dagkaldiran: Microchanneling investigation of ß-FeSi2-structures

P. Reichart: 3D ion microscopy of hydrogen in diamond


+ special presentation:

G. Demortier: The history of nuclear microprobe conferences



14:00 - 15:30



5. Micromachining


16:00 – 18:00

M B H Breese: Proton beam writing of microstructures in semiconductors (invited)

A.A. Bettiol: Proton beam writing applications in microphotonics (invited)

F. Menzel: Proton beam micromachining using the high energy nanoprobe LIPSION

M. Abraham: Implanted micro/nano-structure fabrication

G.W. Grime: Rapid direct micromachining of PTFE using MeV ions in an oxygen rich atmosphere

I. Rajta: Optimisation of proton fluence in micromachining of CR-39





20:00 - 21:30

- Ultra sharp ion beams and their applications (abstract), Chairs: Jan Meijer, David Jamieson

- Is it possible to run a Nuclear Microbeam on a commercial basis?, Chairs: Geoff Grime, Stjepko Fazinić

Contacts for contributions - mail to: Jan Meijer or Geoff Grime




6. Analytical techniques


8:30 – 10:00

T. Sakai: New in-air micro-PIXE system for biological applications

G. Devès: Fully quantitative imaging of chemical elements in Arabidopsis thaliana tissues and single cells using STIM, PIXE and RBS

Zs. Kertész: Development of a bio-PIXE setup at the Debrecen scanning proton microprobe

J. Simčič: Quantitative microbeam analysis of biological samples

P. Moretto: Inter-calibration of nuclear microprobe setups

A. A. Bettiol: Fabrication of a new free standing resolution standard for focusing ion beams to sub 100nm dimensions


10:30  – 12:00


Y. Tate: Medium energy ion-nanoprobe with TOF-RBS for semiconductor process analysis

I. Bogdanović Radović: Advantages and limitations of IEE ERDA with the nuclear microprobe

D. Wegrzynek: Micro-beam x-ray fluorescence and absorption imaging techniques at the IAEA Laboratories

Đ. Miljanić: Measurement of angle between nuclear reaction products and depth profiling

Hao Shen: A computer program for Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy simulation

I. Uzonyi: Quantitative true elemental imaging based on the PIXEKLM program package and the nuclear microprobe




7. Radiation effects and IBIC

8:30 – 10:00

D. Spemann: Magnetic carbon: A new application for ion microbeams (invited)

J.S. Laird: Investigating radiation effects on high-speed optoelectronic devices by combining laser and ion microbeams

S. Abo: Reliability study for bulk and SOI SRAMs using high energy nuclear probes

P.J. Sellin: Mobility and lifetime mapping in wide bandgap semiconductors using digital IBIC

Z. Medunic: Studying of trap levels by the use of focused ion beams


10:30 – 12:00

G. Vizkelethy: Radiation effects microscopy for failure analysis of microelectronic  devices (invited)

E.Vittone: Evaluation of ion induced damage on semiconductor devices using focused ion beams (invited)

S. Onoda: Analysis of Transient Ion Beam Induced Current in Si PIN Photodiode

M. Jaksic: Radiation damage microstructures in silicon and applications in charge particle detection


14:00 - 15:30



8. Analytical applications (miscellaneous)


16:00 – 17:30

J. Salomon: Nuclear microprobe and cultural heritage: the benefits of external beams (invited)

S. Feng: Application of nuclear microprobe analytical technique in Chinese ancient porcelain

B. Constantinescu: Romanian ancient gold objects provenance studies using microbeam methods

F. Chiminello: Micro-PIXE Analysis of particles of antarctic aerosol

J. Mesjasz-Przybyłowicz: Nuclear microprobe studies of elemental distribution in nickel hyperaccumulating plants


9. Biomedical applications II

8:30 – 10:00

R. Ortega: Chemical elements distribution in cells (invited)

H. Natal da Luz: Analysis of proteins by microPIXE

S. Harada: The interaction between cisplatinum (Platinum analogues for cancer therapy) and the Cu by the low dose irradiation studied in Human leukemia. A preliminary report

E. Gontier: Reconstructed human epidermis : a model to study the barrier function

P. Aguer: Skin morphology and layer identification using different STIM geometries


10. Applications in earth science


10:30  – 11:15

F. Bruhn: Diagenetic history of the Korallenoolith (Malm) of Northwestern Germany: Implications from in-situ trace element and isotopic studies

M. Wegden: Hydrogen depth profiling by p-p scattering in nominally anhydrous minerals

D. Strivay: Estimating the depth of the roof and floor of intra-crystalline inclusions in a light-mineral matrix : application of RBS spectrometry


11:15 – 12:00 Conference summary, closing


POSTER SESSION I (Facilities and beam optics, Cell irradiation techniques, Biomedical applications)



D N. Jamieson, R. Szymanski1, B. Rout and R. Brenn

Retrocutting nuclear microprobe quadruple lens profiles to improve field strength


S. Mordyk, V.Voznyy, V. Miroshnichenko, V. Storizhko, B. Sulkio-Cleff and D.Shulha:

Hydrogen/Helium ion injector for accelerator-based microprobe facilities

I.G.Ignat’ev, D.V.Magilin, V.I.Miroshnichenko, A.G.Ponomarev, V.E.Storizhko, B.Sulkio-Cleff:

Immersion probe-forming system as a way to the compact design of nuclear microprobe

A. Kocsonya, I. Kovács, M. Niecke, Z. Szőkefalvi-Nagy:

"IonNyom" – an ion beam raytracing software

J.L. Conradie, M.E. Eisa, P.Celliers, H.Delsink, D.Fourie, G.De Villiers, P. Maine and K. Springhorn:

Recent optimization of the beam-optical characteristics of the 6 MV Van de Graaff accelerator for high brilliance beams at the iThemba LABS NMP facility

Y. Ishii, A. Isoya, S. Ozawa, K. Arakawa and M. Fukuda:

Formation of several tens keV light ion beams with 0.1 mm in diameter using a submicron ion beam system with double acceleration-lenses

C. G. Ryan, D. N. Jamieson, R. Szymanski, P. Reichert:

A CSIRO-MARC high excitation quintuplet system on a high brightness accelerator

A. Shariff, V. Auzelyte, M. Elfman, P. Kristiansson, K. Malmqvist, C. Nilsson, J. Pallon, M. Wegdén:

The Lund Nuclear Microprobe Sub-Micron set-up. Part I: Ion optics calculation

A. Shariff, C. Nilsson, V. Auzelyte, M. Elfman, P. Kristiansson, K. Malmqvist, J. Pallon, M. Wegdén:

The Lund Nuclear Microprobe Sub-Micron set-up. Part II: Beamline, focusing system and scanning

M. Elfman, J. Pallon, V. Auzelyte, P. Kristiansson, K. Malmqvist, C. Nilsson, A. Shariff, M. Wegdén:

The Lund Nuclear Microprobe Sub-Micron set-up. Part III: Sample stage, optical imaging and detector configuration in the experimental chamber

S. Lebed, O. Veselov:

Some possibilities of commercial RF ion source improvement

I. Kovács, A. Kocsonya, P.Kostka, Z. Szõkefalvi-Nagy, K. Schrang, A. Krüger, M. Niecke:

Installation and performance of the Budapest-Hamburg proton microprobe

W. Polak, S. Lebed, J. Lekki, O. Veselov, Z. Stachura, J. Styczeń:

Developement of experimental chamber for external irradiations of biological cells using single ions from the Kraków microprobe

L.Zhong, Y.Mi, H.Shen, Y.P.Wu, B.Liu, M.J.Yang, H.S.Cheng:

The nuclear microprobe at Fudan University

G.M. Sun, J.W. Jung, K.B. Song, S.W. Park, D.H. Lee, E.H. Kim and H.D. Choi:

A measurement system of the KIRAMS microbeam irradiation system

M. Elfman, M. Wegdén, V. Auzelyte, P. Kristiansson,K. Malmqvist, C. Nilsson, J. Pallon:

One of the first application at the New Lund Nuclear Microprobe Sub-Micron setup: Otolith and mollusc bivalve shells analysis, improvments using a large area 8-element annular HpGe detector

P. Pelicon, J. Simčič, M. Jakšić, Z. Medunić, F. Naab and F.D. McDaniel:

Spherical chamber- effective solution for multipurpose nuclear microprobe

V. Auzelyte, P. Rossi, B.L. Doyle, S.J. Hearne, F.D. McDaniel, M. Elfman, M. Wegdén, J. Pallon, P. Kristiansson, M. Mellon:

A BLACK MATRIX phosphor for IPEM

D. Bisello, A. Kaminski, P. Giubilato, S. Mattiazzo, M. Nigro, D. Pantano, R. Rando, M. Tessaro, J. Wyss

Ion Electron Emission Microscopy at SIRAD


K. Yasuda, M. Hatashita, S. Hatori, Y. Ito and K. Takagi:

Single Cell Irradiation System at the Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center


A. Hauptner, G. Dollinger, S. Dietzel, G.A. Drexler, V. Hable, P. Reichart, R. Krücken, T. Cremer and A.A. Friedl:

Setup for irradiating living cells at the ion microprobe SNAKE

O. Veselov, J. Lekki, W. Polak, D. Strivay, Z. Stachura, J. Styczeń:

The recognition of biological cells utilizing Quantitative Phase microscopy system

T. Reinert, A. Fiedler, J. Tanner and T. Butz:

Microdosimetry: Energy-loss measurement in living cells using a nuclear microprobe

G.J. Ross , G. Garty, G. Randers-Pehrson, D.J. Brenner:

A single-particle / single-cell microbeam based on an isotopic alpha source


K.J. Kirkby, G.W. Grime, R.P. Webb, N.F. Kirkby, N.G. Burnet, E. Garman, M. Folkard, K. Prise, T. Clough and S. Reddy:

Research Network on Bio-Medical Applications of MeV Ion Beams


M. Carrière, B. Gouget, H. Khodja, L. Avoscan, F. Carrot, R. Gobin, J.M. Verbavatz and J.P. Gallien:

Cellular distribution of uranium after acute exposure of epithelial renal cells: SEM, TEM and µPIXE

A.S. Clough, R.W. Smith, J. Booth, F. Gauntlett and M.S Rihawi:

A study of water diffusion into biodegradable cylindrical polymers and related measurements on drug diffusion into organic tissues

P.S.P. Thong, F. Watt, M.Q. Ren, K.C. Soo and M. Olivo:

Establishing the role of calcium and biological trace elements in hypericin photodynamic therapy induced tumor cell death using nuclear microscopy

R.K. Dutta, R.B. Roijers, P.H.A. Mutsaers:

Data analysis to study correlations of pathological components in atherosclerotic arteries

C.A. Pineda-Vargas, M. Topic, T. Ntsoane and W.J. Przybylowicz:

Nuclear Microprobe analyses of bioconductive hydroxyapatite coatings

D. Budka, J. Mesjasz- Przybyłowicz, G. Tylko, W.J. Przybyłowicz:

Freeze-substitution methods for Ni localization and quantitative analysis in Berkheya coddii leaves by means of PIXE

H.Yamamoto, M.Nomachi, K.Yasuda, Y. Iwami, N.Yamamoto, T. Sakai and M. Fukuda:

Fluorine Mapping in Sound and Carious Fissures of Human Teeth Using PIGE

R. Ortega, M.-C. Biston, G. Devès, S. Bohic and A. Carmona:

Nuclear microprobe determination of platinum quantitative distribution in rat brain tumors after cisplatin injection for PAT treatment of glioma

Ren MQ, F. Watt, R. Rajendran, B.K.H. Tan, B. Halliwell:

Nuclear microscopy investigation of induced atherosclerotic lesions of rabbits fed with a high cholesterol diet and Zn supplements

R.Rajendran, F.Watt, Ren MQ, G. Casadesus, M. Smith, G. Perry, Huang E, Ong WY, B. Halliwell:

STIM identification of diffuse amyloid deposits in the brains of transgenic mice

S. Homma-Takeda, Y. Nishimura, Y. Terada, S. Ueno, Y. Watanabe and M. Yukawa:

Tin accumulation in spermatozoa of the rats exposed to tributhyltin chloride by synchrotron radiation X-ray florescence (SR-RXF) analysis with microprobe

P. Napoleão, C. Sousa Reis and T. Pinheiro:

Morphologic characterisation and elemental distribution of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 vestigial shell

I. Batista, R. Silva, R. Fleming and T. Pinheiro:

Using skin to monitor iron accumulation in the organism

R.K. Dutta, R.B. Roijers, P.H.A. Mutsaers, P. Pauwels, J.J.M. de Goeij, G.J. van der Vusse:

Elemental distributions in human coronary arteries affected by different degrees of atherosclerosis

M.C. Buoso, S.Galassini, G.Moschini, R.Scapinelli, A. Zadro, D. Ceccato, P. Passi:

Possibilities of PIXE microbeam in localising metals around dental and orthopaedic implants

C.A. Pineda-Vargas and M.E. Eisa:

Nuclear Microprobe analysis of human hair cross sections from two different population groups

Zs. Kertesz, Z. Szikszai, E. Gontier, P. Moretto, J.-E. Surleve-Bazeille, B. Kiss, J. Hunyadi and A.Z. Kiss:

Nuclear microprobe study of TiO2-penetration in the epidermis of human skin xenografts

C. Sergeant, M. H. Vesvres, G. Devès, F. Guillou:

Calcium, potassium, iron, copper and zinc concentrations in white and gray matter of cerebellum and corpus callosum in brain of four genetic strains mice

E. Bakkaus, B. Gouget, H. Khodja, F. Carrot, J.L. Morel and R. Collins:

Concentrations and distributions of cobalt in higher plants by micro-PIXE spectroscopy

B. Gouget, H. Khodja, M. Carrière, L. Avoscan, F. Carrot, C.Raepsaet:

Detection and quantification of Zn and Cd in metallothioneins using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and PIXE spectroscopy

R. Siegele, N.P. Bhatia, K.B. Walsh and D.D. Cohen:

Quantitative micro-PIXE analysis of heavy metal uptake in the environment

J. Pallon, M. Garmer, V. Auzelyte, M. Elfman, P. Kristiansson, K. Malmqvist, C. Nilsson, A. Shariff, M. Wegdén:

Optimization of PIXE-sensitivity for detection of Ti in thin human skin sections

Z. Szikszai, Zs. Kertész, I. Uzonyi, G.Á. Szíki, M.T. Magyar, S. Molnár and L. Csiba:

Comparison of calcium distributional maps and ultrasound images of the vessel wall in human carotid arteries


D. Beasley, N. M. Spyrou:

PIXE and STIM tomography for cell studies?

POSTER SESSION II (Applications in material science, Micromashining, Analytical techniques, Radiation effects and IBIC, Other analytical applications)


D. Spemann, K. Otte, M. Lorenz, T. Butz:

Elemental depth profiling in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells using microPIXE on a bevelled section

H. Shibata, Y. Kohno, Y. Hosono, K. Amemiya, K. Shibata, T. Sato, M. Oikawa, T. Sakai:

Microanalysis of boron doped in iron with nuclear reaction

H.L. Seng, T. Osipowicz, F. Watt, J. Zhang and E.S. Tok:

Determination of local lattice tilt in Si1-xGex virtual substrate using high resolution channeling contrast microscopy

L. Huang, M. B. H. Breese, E. J. Teo:

Characterisation of 60° misfit dislocations in SiGe alloy using ion beam microscopy

A.P. Gonçalves, M. Almeida, P.S. Salamakha, O.L. Sologub, L.C. Alves, A.S. Cascais, P.A. Carvalho:

Nuclear Microprobe analysis of ternary uranium intermetallic borides

C.N.B. Udalagama, A.A. Bettiol, J.A. van Kan, E.J. Teo, M.B.H. Breese and F. Watt:

Automatic Beam Focusing for Proton Beam Writing

T. C. Sum, A. A. Bettiol, K. Liu, M. Q. Ren, E. Y. B. Pun, S. Venugopal Rao, J. A. van Kan and F. Watt:

Proton Beam Writing of Erbium Doped Waveguide Amplifiers

A.A. Bettiol, C.N.B. Udalagama, J.A. van Kan, and F. Watt:

Ionscan: Scanning and control software Proton beam writing

K. Ansari, J. A. van Kan, A. A. Bettiol, and F. Watt:

Fabrication of high aspect ratio 100nm metallic stamps for nanoimprint lithography using Proton Beam Writing

F. Zhang, F. Sun, J. A. Van Kan, P.G. Shao, R. W. Ge , F. Watt:

Measurement of cell motility on proton beam micromachined 3D scaffolds

A. Alves, L.P.v.Dijk, P.N. Johnston, P. Reichart and D.N. Jamieson:

Ion beam lithography of PMMA using single ion detection

S.Z. Szilasi, I. Daruka, P. Raics, C. Cserháti and I. Rajta:

PMMA melting under proton beam exposure

I. Rajta, E. Baradacs, M. Chatzichristidi, E.S. Valamontes, I. Raptis:

Proton beam micromachining on strippable aqueous base developable negative resist

V. Auzelyte, M. Elfman, P. Kristiansson, K. Malmqvist, C. Nilsson, J. Pallon, A. Shariff, M. Wegdén:

Optimization of proton beam parameters for microstructure fabrication

Dieter Grambole, Folker Herrmann, Ümit Dagkaldiran, Jan Meijer:

Micro RBS-channeling measurements to study damage accumulation in silicon by ion implantation

P. Pelicon, J. Simčič, Z. Rupnik, M. Mihelič, A. Razpet, D. Jenko, M. Maček:

Proton microbeam writing at Ljubljana tandetron

G.W. Grime, M.J. Merchant, P. Mistry, M. Browton, I. Gomez-Morilla and R.P. Webb:

Upgrading the Surrey triplet microbeam system to enhance proton beam writing applications

P. Mistry, I. Gomez-Morilla, R.P. Webb, K.J. Kirkby, G.W. Grime, C. Jeynes, R. Gwilliam, M.J. Merchant, A.S. Clough:

The development of proton beam machining at the University of Surrey

Ch. Meinecke, J. Vogt, A. Rahm, R. Schmidt-Grund and T. Butz:

RBS-simulation of microstructures and analysis of ZnO-microwhiskers

C. G. Ryan and E. van Achterbergh:

Advances in Dynamic Analysis PIXE Imaging: Correction for Spatial Variation of Pileup Components

C. Ramboz, D. Strivay, T. Sauvage and J.-P. Gallien:

Optimisation and evaluation of µ-PIXE as an absolute multi-elementary analytical technique

C. Michelet-Habchi, S. Incerti, P. Aguer, Ph. Barberet, E. Gontier, K. Grente, Ph. Moretto, D. T. Nguyen, A. Pouthier, T. Pouthier, F. Rebillat, R. W. Smith:

TomoRebuild: a new data reduction software for STIM-tomography.

Á. Z. Kiss, Zs. Kertész, A. Simon, Gy. Szabó, G.Á. Szíki, Z. Szikszai and I. Uzonyi:

Heterogeneity characterisation of CRMs using μPIXE, μPIGE and μRBS methods

L.P.v.Dijk, M. Bozkurt, A. Alves, P.N. Johnston, P. Reichart and D.N. Jamieson:

Characterisation of nanomachined structures by ion beam analysis

G. Devès and R. Ortega:

Paparamborde : a software dedicated to quantitative mapping of biological samples using STIM


C.G. Ryan, B.E. Etschmann, S. Vogt, J. Maser and C. Harland

Nuclear Microprobe – Synchrotron Synergy: Towards Integrated Quantitative Real-time Elemental Imaging using PIXE and SXRF


A. Simon, G. Kalinka:

Investigation of charge collection in semiconductor pin photodiode structures

S.M. Hearne, D.N. Jamieson, E. Trajkov, S. Prawer, J. E. Butler:

Temperature dependent emptying of grain-boundary charge-traps in CVD diamond

E.Vittone, V.Rigato, P.Olivero, F.Nava, C.Manfredotti, A. Lo Giudice, F.Fizzotti:

Temperature dependent IBIC study of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes

E.Vittone, C.Paolini, F.Nava, C.Manfredotti, A. Lo Giudice, F.Fizzotti, G.Egeni:

Lateral IBIC characterization of a GaAs Schottky diode

T. Yamakawa, T. Hirao, S. Onoda, T. Shibata, T. Wakasa, H. Abe, J. S. Laird, K. Ohnishi, Y. Takahashi, T. Okamoto, and T. Kamiya:

Mapping of Charge Collection in Silicon MOS Capacitors due to Heavy Ion Microbeam Irradiation

N. Kozai, H. Mitamura, T. Ohnuki, T. Sakai, T. Sato and M. Oikawa:

Application of micro-PIXE to quantitative analysis of heavy elements sorbed on minerals

M.C.Buoso, D.Ceccato, M. De Poli, L. Tositti, L. Forlani, M. Mingozzi, S. Sandrini, D. Baldacci, G. Lolgo:

A Multitracer Study on Peat Columns from Tunguska, Siberia

J-P. Gallien, V. Rouchon, B. Orberger, D: L. Pinti, F. Westall:

Nitrogen and Carbon nuclear reaction analysis on minerals from an Archean silicified rhyolitic pyroclastite

R. Bugoi, B.Constantinescu, D. Grambole and F. Herrmann:

Micro-elemental analysis of Transylvanian meteorites

A. Markwitz, B. Barry, F. Bruhn and C. DeRonde:

A proton microprobe investigation of tungsten-rich quartz veins from the Macraes mine in Otago, New Zealand

H. Jamieson and W.J. Przybyłowicz:

Micro-PIXE study of toxic elements in iron sulfates precipitated from acid mine waters

M. Roumié, M. Soukieh, M. Jaksic, B. Nsouli, K. Zahraman:

Determination of C, N and O Depth Profile in Some Steel Using Nuclear Backscattering Analysis

A. Boag, D. McCulloch, D.N. Jamieson, S.M. Hearne and A. Hughes:

Combined nuclear microprobe and TEM study of corrosion pit nucleation by s-phase inclusions in aluminium alloys

Ž. Pastuović, S. Fazinić, M. Jakšić, D. Krstić, D. Mudronja:

The use of the IRB nuclear microprobe in a conservation process studies of a church portal

Y. Lei, S.L. Feng and M. Jaksic:

Study on the Jun Tai porcelan by SPM

Cheng Lin, Feng Song Lin, Cheng Huang-Sheng , Sha Yin, Feng Xianqian and M. Jaksic:

SPM and PIXE on the study of Chinese ancient porcelain

X. Feng, S. Feng and Y. Sha:

Study on the provenance and elemental distribution in the glaze of Tang Sancai by scanning proton microprobe


R. Cossio, A. Borghi, M. Fedi, L. Fiora, L. Giuntini, M. Massi, F. Olmi and G. Vaggelli

Trace element determination by ion beam analysis on K-feldspars: a contribiution to the knowledge of coloured/uncolored magmatic minerals